Spasmos is a Python-based physics code designed for simulating the dynamics of compressible fluids and magnetized plasmas. It was designed for studying mesh-free numeric methods and simulating laboratory plasma experiments.

Spasmos is free software and is licensed under the GNU GPL. This means that anyone is free to use and modify Spasmos in their own work as long as they license their modifications under the same conditions. Accordingly, Spasmos has been developed using only free software and can be installed on a variety of platforms. It is written in ANSI C89, ANSI C++, and Python and should build on compliant compilers, though it has mostly been tested using GCC. Currently, it is known to work on systems running Linux and Mac OS X. It has been shown to work previously on Windows machines under the Cygwin environment.

This software is a work in progress, and news about its status can be found on this site.